The KOFU Brand - Providing Products to Support a Versatile Range of Applications

Reed switches display excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and water. They have been installed in a majority of electronic products ranging from automobiles, communication devices, home electronics, industrial machinery equipment, information appliances, and measuring instruments, to toys. Consequently, the products of Standex Electronics Japan have been thoroughly introduced into our lives, and the scope of their applications will continue to further expand in the future with the advent of new electronic products.

KOFU Reliability, Environmental Resistance,  Versatility

List of Reed Switch Applications

Application Detection Method
Automobiles Carburetor load sensors Pressure detection
Engine oil level, fuel tank level, brake fluid level, window washer fluid level,power steering fluid level Fluid level detection*
Seat belts, sunroofs, key lock security, intermittent wipers Position detection
Power seats Rotation detection*
Defective lamp detection sensors Current detection
Air bags Shock detection
Engine oil, radiators Temperature detection
Home electronics Humidifiers, fan heaters Fluid level detection*
Flow sensors of hot water heaters Pressure detection
Security system sensors, mobile phones, rice cookers, electric toothbrushes (switches), shavers (switches) Position detection
Gas meters, water meters, electric power meters, hot water heaters Rotation detection*
Thermos-type hot water dispensers, rice cookers Temperature detection
Fan heaters Blow pressure detection
Health and leisure equipment Exercise machines, electric fishing reels, pedometers Rotation detection*
Pedometers Oscillating motion detection
Exercise machines, thermometers, electric fishing reels Position detection
Pachinko (Japanese pinball) machines Passage detection
Industrial equipment Pneumatic cylinders, vending machines Position detection
Reed relays [semiconductor testers, digital devices, automatic measurement equipments,general control systems, process control, telephone modems, vending machines] Circuit detection
Security Door open/close status, residence locking Position detection

*For details on fluid level and rotation detection.