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Quality Assurance

Approach and track record of our quality assurance system

At our company, we supply products with stable quality, based on a quality management system and an integrated approach covering development, manufacturing and sales.
We have adopted the following policies with regard to our quality assurance activities:

  • Providing high-quality products
  • Providing delivery within the required delivery date
  • Providing products at a reasonable price
  • Providing customer-oriented products

We are maintaining good quality levels, with a market claim rate of less than 1ppm in recent years.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

In 2004, we started sales of lead-free reed switches, and we are a leader in other measures to protect the environment.
We are also actively working to gather information and take corrective measures regarding the use of substances with an environmental impact.
In the future, we aim to further raise quality through continuous improvement.